Friday, July 26, 2013

FLASH! Educational Discounts Return

Linden Lab created a minor furor last year when they discontinued the 50% discount given to educational and non-profit institutions on private region purchase and ownership.  A lot of educational sims disappeared from the grid as a result.

Now, LL has done an about-face and the educational discounts are back.  The official announcement can be found here:

Inara Pey beat me to this (she usually does, that woman is tied into everything and writes like lightning!)  Read her take on it here:

As a teacher, I applaud this move.  I do think that it may be too little, too late -- a lot of the educational institutions that left Second Life are now set up on OpenSim grids.  While OpenSim based grids are less content-rich than SL, they are also MUCH cheaper.  In many cases, they are free. Still, it's a good move.  Kudos, LL!

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