Friday, August 9, 2013


Our Second Life is always changing, and it usually does so much faster than Real Life.  Stores and clubs come and go, whole regions are there one day and vanished the next.  Our viewers and the server software that runs SL is constantly being updated with bug fixes and new features. 

As the virtual world changes, our lives within it change too.  People who were friends vanish away, or drift away to new pursuits and new friends.  We may quarrel, and then make up...or sometimes not.  It's been said that any Second Life partnership that lasts six months is equivalent to ten years of a Real Life marriage.

My partnership is an unusual one, even for SL.  For over four years, I've been one third of a three-way lesbian marriage, and I could not have asked for better friends, lovers, and partners than Cindi and Eveline.

But change comes to even the best relationships.  Eveline has chosen to depart from us, and from Second Life.  This makes me very sad, but at the same time, I am grateful for all the evenings we spent together, laughing, crying, and loving.  Bless you, Eveline, and may you find happiness in everything you do!

And no, this does not mean that I'm single again, "on the market", or looking.  Cindi and I are continuing as partners.  Bless you, too, Cin, for always being there when you are needed, and for your wisdom, understanding, and acceptance.

I love you both.

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