Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Surreal Visit to Moving Islands

Hello again, it's me, your informative Travel Correspondent!

A few days ago, Cindi and I were moping around the house, trying to decide what to do.  I idly started going through Destinations, and opened the Editor's Picks category.   There was an intriguing artistic-type place called "Moving Islands," one of the builds sponsored by the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA.)

So off I flitted, dragging Cindi behind me.

Moving Islands

The entrance is strongly reminiscent of the wait line at a theme park attraction...there are a bunch of eerie looking blobby "people" standing in line to board cars that appear every few seconds at the head of the line.  Don't feel that you are being impolite by crashing the line.  Just hop in a car and you're on your way.

Moving Islands is a place that's best described as "surreal," even by Second Life standards.  I have absolutely NO idea what goes on in the brain of its creator, but I have to admit I was blown away by it all.  The whole place has a "down the rabbit hole with Alice" feel to it.

Moving Islands is a totally enclosed build.  It's divided horizontally down the middle by a "water plane," which is highly reflective from above.  You can't see what's underneath unless you duck below the surface.

All across the water is a series of...well, floating islands, and rafts, and things.  Hence, the name of the place.  Each one is worth exploring, and don't forget to mouse over things and click on them!  When you've seen all you can of the above-the-water parts, go below.  Most of the builds look completely different from under the water, and there are Things to See and explore and click on there, too.

Here are a few photos to whet your appetite -- but they don't begin to even scratch the surface.  I think that everyone's visit to Moving Islands will be different from everyone else's, if only because things look so different from various perspectives, and everything is always moving and changing.

Balanced on a...bicycle?

Sea Cow

A Tyrannosaurus, wearing Derby Hats, Polishing the Floor

Right on Target!

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  1. Lindal,

    Great review! Glad to see you get out and about inworld!