Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Ultimate Second Life Support List (Version 1.1)

I ran across an old Forum post in which Void Singer compiled and published a great list of support and information links for Second Life.  Taking that list as the foundation of this blog post, I've updated and expanded it with links to resources both from Linden Lab and from prominent SL residents and bloggers.  Comments and suggestions are welcomed!

Information on current events and changes within SL:
  • SL Blogs  Announcements from Linden Lab
  • Grid Status  Currently known large scale failures and scheduled maintenance.  If it breaks check here first!
  • Second Life Server Forum  Particularly the weekly deploy threads for news on new features and fixes
  • Second Life Viewer Forum  Occasionally has news from Lindens on viewer changes and fixes
  • @ebbealtberg  Twitter account for Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg
Basic information and common questions:
  • @SupportLinden  A twitter account that redirects users to the likeliest resource
  • Knowledge Base  A collection of pre-formatted questions and answers on a variety of topics
  • Video Tutorials  Collection of videos detailing how to do many basic tasks and showcasing SL content
  • SL Wiki Only some information found here is official, but contains material not found in the Knowledge Base
  • Firestorm Troubleshooting Guide  Common problems and how to solve them.  Written for Firestorm users, but generally applicable to other viewers too
  • Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection  Very useful blog post from Nalates Urriah
  • SpeedTest  Test your internet connection performance
Basic support:
Active Focus Groups:
  • User Group Wiki Link  See here for a list of active user groups working on content creation, scripting issues, and server development   
In World Groups:
Join these groups for real time help with your problems.  Use Search/Groups to find them in world.
  • Firestorm Support English
  • New Resident Services
  • Caledon Oxbridge University Group
Help on Specific Topics:

Blogs and Discussion Forums:
Bookmark these sites for news about all things Second Life


  1. Lindal,

    Great resource, many thanks!



  2. You might want to put two specific links to places in the SL WIKI.

    Third Party Viewer Directory

    LSL Portal

  3. Thanks, Snickers! I've edited the post to add your suggestions.