Thursday, March 6, 2014

Would You Pay by the Hour for SL?

Hi, Faithful Readers!  (and lurkers and passersby.)

You might have seen the announcement on the SL Blog about the upcoming open beta release of "SL Go", a new viewer that will let you access Second Life on your Android tablet with the same sort of high quality graphics that you're used to seeing on your computer.

SL Go uses the On Live streaming service to accomplish this, and as a result, it'll cost you money to use...$3.00 per hour, with a discount if you buy time in larger chunks.  There is supposed to be a version coming soon for iOS, and this is perhaps the best thing about SL will finally offer a mobile app with a graphical UI for users of Apple products.

I'm very skeptical as to whether this model will succeed.  It might be useful, if you only come in world for short periods and are often away from your computer and internet connection...but there is already an Android viewer app, Lumiya, for doing that.  And Lumiya is free to use (although there is a modest one time fee to purchase it.)

I don't know about you, but I tend to use SL for embarrassingly large chunks of time at a sitting.  If I had to pay $3.00 an hour for my Second Life, I flat out wouldn't be here.

Still, if you want to check out SL Go further, see these links!

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  1. Accessing from a tablet is not something I'm likely to do (I don't have a tablet). But, also that price is a bit high. Nice to know it is possible.