Saturday, May 31, 2014

FLASH! Another $L-Stealing Scam

Hello readers!  This is a Scam Alert.  The perpetrators are targeting newbies, so if you are new to SL, or spend a lot of time in newbie areas, you should be on the lookout for it.

Regular readers will recall that some objects you rez will ask for permission to take $L from you.  This is a necessary function for things like rental boxes and vendors that you use for your business.

But the scammers are taking advantage of this.  They are offering an object which carries the label, "BONUS!! Win up to L$10.000. (Wear and allow.)"  If you wear it, and then click Allow when it requests permission to take $L from you, IT WILL TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY.

Do not wear it or rez it.  Above all, do not click Allow when it requests permission.  Abuse Report anyone who gives you such an item.  Delete it from your inventory.

You Have Been Warned!

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