Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cars 'N Stuff

Full Disclosure right up front.  Today's post is about a friend of mine, ADudeNamed Anthony.  Anthony, or "Ant" as he's known to his friends, is an amazing builder.  I first met him when he was very new to Second Life and just learning the ropes.

Well, he learned fast, and he has far surpassed me.  These days, Ant works in Mesh using Blender.  He builds many things, but lately he has been specializing in vehicles.  Classic cars, to be exact...very authentic looking reproductions of everything from a bread truck to a Ferrari.
Fresh Digital Bread!

The Classic Bug...Comes in Herbie Colors Too!

Shiny Sports Cars!

Retro, Anyone?

Ant's cars are notable for a number of things.  The first is the low prim count.  These vehicles are highly detailed and realistic, and they all fit into the 32 prim land impact that's the maximum for a Second Life physical vehicle.  Other vehicle makers cheat on this by making vehicles in two part that is invisible, the vehicle itself, and a second, high prim part that the driver wears as an attachment.  Ant's cars avoid this clumsy workaround, and they STILL look great.

The second good thing is their driveability.  These cars are easy to drive, as well as having realistic handling.

And the third thing is features, features, features!  When you sit in one of Ant's cars, you don't just teleport into the driver's seat.  Your avatar does an animation, opens the car door, and sits down.  When you gun the engine, your passenger's facial expression shows fear.  When you put the car into reverse, your avatar turns, drapes her arm over the seat back, and looks to the rear.

Engine sounds.  Exhaust smoke.  Tire smoke when you burn out.  Working windshield wipers, working radio, working lights...including a "light beams on the road ahead" effect.  Working turn signals and backup lights.  The hood opens and displays a running engine.  I have never seen a vehicle, even very expensive ones, with features like these!

Every vehicle has a color menu too, and can be instantly "painted" in a number of color schemes.

And the prices are reasonable!  $L750 - $L1250.

But the very coolest of his creations isn't for sale.  Ant has made a "demolition derby" car.  Come to one of the Bay City race nights when these are featured and you can play a grownup version of Bumper Cars that's sure to leave you in stitches...of laughter.  The cars suffer an increasing amount of damage, depending on how hard, how often, and where they are hit.  As the damage accumulates, smoke starts to fill the cockpit.  Finally, when your car gives up the ghost, it explodes, leaving you standing amid a heap of pieces.  Or maybe you will emerge victorious and take a victory lap, passing the steaming hulks of your conquests.

Ant does custom work, if your project interests him.  He recently created a perfect replica of a 1970 Opel GT for my partner Cindi, complete with a picture of Penelope Pitstop on the hood.  Thanks, Ant!

Find his creations at 2ZM Motors!


  1. Anthony cars for sure look amazing.
    but i dare to tell that the 32 prim limit is not longer an issue, after mesh was introduced as long as the Physical status of the object does not exceed 32 land impact, any can build up to whatever land impact, without the need to wear part of the object (in fact i cant remenber any builds from 2011 that still use that!). Before mesh, there was a script that allow to pass the 32 laind impact, now the only needed thing is to make sure the the total amount of parts of an object set to physical are less then 33.
    Several examples, most mesh boats now are more then 32 land impact and still are not wearable and work, same with most of bikes.
    Sure to build under the old land impact limit is still a good way and when some manages to crate such beauties with such level of detail and still go under it, amazing work.
    But i can sent you as example, a yatch my Soul made made and it is 167 land impact and still works and runs perfectly, withouth the need of:
    Attach any part of it.
    Use a script to surpasses the limit.
    Besides the rout prim (mandatory) if you set all the prims (be mesh, sculps or reg prims) can be set to none and therefore will not count. (engines will only work up to 32 Physical prims, no limits for prims set to none on the object properties.

    1. Being an old resident, I tend to equate "prims" with "land impact." My apologies if I spoke too loosely! I'm aware of the effect Physics Type has on an object's L.I. The L.I. limitation of 32 is still in effect for physical vehicles. There are drawbacks to setting prims to Physics Type "None," especially for vehicles in which the collision behavior is often an important part of their operation! Still, SL creators are an amazingly inventive species and have developed very clever ways to work within SL's limitations!

  2. Yes, to be clear, my older cars (sculpted) are 32 prim. The mesh cars tend to run around a 55 Land Impact. Which is still pretty good. (Trying to do better.) Also, the older sculpted cars don't have the extra features like windshield wipers, opening doors, etc. The mesh ones have all the goodies. That said, thank you SO mush for featuring my stuff!