Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to Us!

This week marks Second Life's 11th Birthday celebrations!  It's all called SL11B for short, and a Google search will turn up more things to see and do than you can possibly fit into a week.

For those interested in pinpoint accuracy, the actual Birthday was yesterday, June 23.  But the events go on all week, on the Birthday sims and at many other places all over the Grid.  The Second Life Destinations Guide has a special category for SL11B events, be sure to check it out!

I took a very quick spin through just a few of the exhibits and builds, and here are some pictures to whet your appetite.

There are flags at many locations.  These were near the arrival point, along with the colorful birthday cake in the background.

Welcome to the Party!
For many years now, the Cake Stage build has been a highlight of the Birthday.  At the end of the week, the Cake Stage blows up!  It's a different build every year.  This year, it's not much like a fact, it reminds me of the Evil Citadel of the Master Control Program in "Tron."
The Cake Stage (Outside)

Cake Stage Interior
The Live Stage is interesting...the performers stand on a pair of enormous hands!
You're in Good Hands!

The DJ Stage looks like the inside of a starship docking bay, or maybe a futuristic industrial facility.

There are a great many fantastical builds, but some are very fine models of Real Life landmarks, like the Seattle Space Needle.

There was a nice exhibit touting the Star Wars Roleplay group.  They have several Star Wars themed areas you can visit in Second Life and play a part in the Star Wars universe.

I've always liked surfing in SL, but I had no idea there was an organization for it!  Visit this exhibit and you can actually surf inside a big transparent sphere!  Free surfing clothes for both men and women, too.
Surf's Up!
There's also an area where you can pick up lots of free gifts and souvenirs...both from Resident creators and from Linden Lab.
"Wonderous (sic) Gifts"

 See the SL11B website for lots more information and the latest updates!

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