Sunday, June 8, 2014

Shop Till You Drop...and Do Good!

Hi, faithful readers!  It's your somewhat less faithful Second Life correspondent, back again.  I've just returned from what may just be Second Life's biggest shopping mall...the ten regions of Fashion For Life.

FFL also has a website with more information:  Fashion For Life Website

FFL is a major annual event that supports another big annual Second Life event, Relay for Life.  There are events and donation kiosks all over SL every spring.  It's the largest charity drive in Second Life. 
And Fashion For Life is, arguably, the largest part of that charity drive.  Ten whole regions, featuring a great many of Second Life's top designers.  Not just clothes, but hair, nails, shoes, accessories...why, I even picked up a suit of futuristic combat armor!

Every single vendor in those ten sims gives at least a portion of its sales to RFL.  That's a lot of money collected for a good cause, a few painless pennies at a time.

FFL is worth visiting even if you are not a shopaholic.  Each sim has a different theme, and all of them are very well done.  I visited a beach boardwalk, a spaceport, and a Route 66 desert town that reminded me so strongly of Arizona that I got hot and thirsty.

For those who like games, many of the merchants at FFL have Gacha machines, as well as regular product vendors.  A Gacha machine is like a one-armed bandit, a slot machine.  You pay it some money, and it gives you a random product from among its contents.  The bonus is, you generally pay a lot less for a Gacha prize than you would if you bought it in a regular vendor.  The price you pay for this discount is, you don't know exactly what you will get!  (The machine will show a picture of the possible prizes, so you will have SOME idea of the possible outcomes.)

But there is a bigger game at FFL, too.  At the arrival point is a "Redemption Center" showing maybe twenty or thirty prizes.  To get one of them, you are going to have to go on a hunt.  First, pick up and wear a "Passport HUD."  Then, as you wander the FFL sims, look for special Gacha areas that have a RFL Souvenir kiosk.  There is only one of these on each of the ten FFL sims.  You pay this kiosk $L50 for its souvenir, and then wear or rez it.  When you do, your Passport HUD collects a stamp.
When you have all ten stamps on your passport, return to the Redemption Center and claim your prize of choice.

For a speed shopper like myself, FFL does have a couple of annoyances.  Flight is not allowed, and teleports are limited to the sim arrival points.  This forces one to walk, or at most run, through the area.  But this does have the effect of making you stop to look at things, both the many items for sale and the beautiful builds themselves.  Slow down and stroll!

My time was limited, and I wish I'd had longer to explore.  Even in the short time I was there, I spent more money than I'd planned to...but I consoled myself that a lot of it was going to a very good cause!

Fashion For Life will be open through June 20...another two weeks.  So don't wait too long to visit!
Arriving at FFL Redemption Center

Just a few of the many participating designers
Some Gacha games

An official souvenir vendor and a stamp on my passport

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