Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FLASH! Latest Viewer Update Won't Run for Some

We are seeing a lot of reports that go something like this:  "When I logged in, the sign on page told me I had to download and install a mandatory viewer update.  When I did, the new viewer wouldn't start, and kept crashing when it got to "initializing VFS."

It's not happening to everyone.  I downloaded and installed the latest version ( with no problems.  But if it happens to you, here are some things you can do.

Uninstall and do a clean reinstall of the previous version.  Instructions here:

If you did not save the previous version's installation file in your Downloads folder, try one of the many third party viewers.

Or you can try this version:

Add your comments and any unique information you have, especially about your computer system and graphics card, at this link:  That link will also lead you to some related bug reports and discussions of some further things to try.  The comments by Whirly Fizzle are especially worth paying attention to.  Whirly is one of the Firestorm developers, and what he doesn't know about viewer code would fill a very short book indeed.

Finally, if you have automatic updates enabled in your Preferences, I suggest you disable it and choose to download and install updates manually instead, to avoid problems like this in the future.  Let the other early adopters find the bugs!

EDITED 11/14/14 to add:  The ever-alert Nalates Urriah has blogged about this too, and she has some tips to keep your viewer from insisting that it needs a mandatory update.  See her post here:

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