Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Sad Day on Campus

Today I learned that two of my friends, both Deans at Caledon Oxbridge University, are leaving the university due to Real Life commitments.

Ravelli Ormstein and Martini Discovolante are two of the founding members of COU, and have contributed their building, teaching, and management skills to provide free help to Second Life residents for over five years.  They've created a space that's both incredibly informative and fun to explore and just hang out in.

Their departure is a heavy blow to COU, and they will be sorely missed.  Both for the huge hole they leave in the staff, and for themselves alone.

Rav, Martini -- thanks for everything!  We'll do our best to soldier on, and can only hope our efforts will do you proud.  And of course, we hope you'll come back when you get that pesky RL thing under control.


  1. I am sorry to know Martini is leaving. Though we didn't keep in touch much she has been in my friend list for 7 years. As a matter of fact, she is one of the first people I befriended in SL and she certainly is one of the SL people I know with the cutest name. My best wishes to her, hope she won't leave SL.

  2. Neither Martini or Ravelli is leaving SL, exactly...but they will be in world less often

  3. Glad to know they will still be in Sl:)