Monday, December 15, 2014


When things go wrong, the natural tendency is to blame it on someone.  In Second Life, it's not always clear who that someone is.  Take what happened to me just today...

A few days ago, I'd bought a sexy new pair of boots from the high fashion creator, LivGlam.  These were Mesh boots designed for SLink feet, which were also new to me even though I'd been using SLink's mesh hands for several months now.

When I got home, I unboxed the boots and the feet and put them on.  The feet were great, and worked just as expected, but the boots...something was wrong.  They showed as "Worn" in my inventory, but I couldn't see them.  Then I COULD see them, but they were just shapeless white clubs at the ends of my feet.

I should add that at this particular time SL was undergoing some "unscheduled maintenance."  This is Linden Lab's euphemism for "ye gods, the system is borked big time!"  I logged off and decided to come back when things were back in working order.

The next day, I tried the boots again.  They came, like most Mesh clothing, in several sizes, and I am a Medium.  The other sizes showed up fine, but the Medium boots were flat out invisible.  So I decided to go to LivGlam and contact their excellent customer support (they have actual live helpers at the store, an unusual feature for Second Life merchants.)  I complained about my "faulty product" and asked for a redelivery.  During my discussion with the representative, it turned out that she saw my boots just fine, while I did not.

At this point, it occurred to me that maybe the cached texture of the boots had gotten messed up during the technical difficulties of the previous day.  So, I logged off and cleared my cache.  When I logged back on, lo and behold, there were my boots!

There are a couple of morals to this story.  One might be, "Get a second opinion before you jump to conclusions."  Another is probably, "Don't blame somebody for messing up until you've checked ALL the possible explanations."  And a third one is, "They really mean it when they say don't rez stuff during times of grid issues."  The real bottom line is, LivGlam wasn't to blame, Linden Lab wasn't to blame.  It was (gasp!) All My Own Stupid Fault.

My thanks to Lanna at LivGlam who helped solve the Mystery of the Invisible Boots!  Oh, and here's a picture of me wearing them.  The boots are "Anne" by LivGlam, the dress is "Rockette" by Thera, available in her Venice store.

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  1. Since this kind of things happen to me, I clear my SL's cache each month.
    Now, my SL is fewer bugs. ;)

    1. I don't recommend clearing your cache unless you are having problems like the one I experienced, or unexplained inventory loss. Your cache greatly speeds things up, and it can't do so if there's nothing in it!

  2. Well, Linden lab really advises to not do so, but sometimes is the only way, still ll latest official viewer (as per 18th dec) really works amazing fast and i didn't had any more issues, so i do think any should try it as well or any tpv already using its code, as the previous 5th december one was prone to these issues.