Monday, December 29, 2014

Ice Skates!

I don't review specific products here very often, but there's one that I think deserves special mention...the wonderful ice skates sold by Abranimations.

These skates were given away free as one of Abranimations' Advent Calendar gifts.  But if you missed out on the gift version, you can still buy a pair for yourself, and in my opinion they are well worth the $L250 price.  I have some other skates that cost much more...they will do more tricks, but they also take a lot of effort to use.  The Abranimations skates are mostly just wear, go, have fun!

The skates come with a HUD.  It lets you choose from among 9 different colors, so your skates can match just about any outfit.  Once you have selected your color, you can minimize that portion of the HUD so it does not take up too much screen space.

You don't need the HUD at all to simply skate.  Just use the arrow keys as you normally would to walk, either forward or backward, and your avatar will do a skating animation.  You can either make this a wobbly beginner skate animation, or a skilled glide.

You can use the HUD to do tricks!  You can spin, leap into the air, even fall on your face.  In fact, there seems to be a random "fall on your face" that happens every once in a while regardless of what you actually command.  It's funny!  You can also buy ramps that will make you perform a spectacular jump.

Best of all, you can use the HUD even if you are being animated by something else at the time, like a dance ball or a skating animation at a rink.  The HUD's animation overlays the other one very nicely, and you can produce some very professional-looking moves in this way.

Find these skates in the vendor at the Masocado Resort...
Masocado Resort Ice Rink

...or The Blind Pig Music Co.
 Blind Pig Skating Rink

...or at the Abranimations main store.  Go in, turn left, walk about halfway down.

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