Friday, December 26, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Miss-Mas...

I admit it, I'm a world class procrastinator.  Every time a holiday looms up on the horizon, I put off and put off preparations, until I have to rush around in a last minute scramble, and then I wind up only being half-prepared.

In fact, I never really feel that I'm "ready" for a holiday until a day or two after it's over.

This year, I promised myself, it would be different.  I'd do things well ahead of time and be ready to relax and enjoy Christmas when it got here.  And I really did keep pretty much to my vow.  In Real Life, the house was decorated a week ahead of schedule.  The baking was all done.  The dinner was under control.  The presents were all bought and wrapped and under the tree.  I went to midnight church services on Christmas Eve without feeling frazzled.

In SL, the region's winter landscaping was all put in place three weeks before C-Day.  I got a present for my partner (well, I took her shopping and let her pick out something she liked!)  I had plenty of Christmas outfits ready to put on for any holiday occasion.

I was READY, baby...and on time for once!  And, when Christmas Day arrived, along with family and friends, I had a good time.

So why...Why....WHY do I feel like I missed Christmas AGAIN, now that it's the Day After?

By golly, I'm going to start campaigning for holidays that last at least three days.  A single day is not enough time to enjoy them.

I hope you were able to enjoy YOUR Christmas, or at least wave to it as it flew past.  See you next year!

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