Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming!

Ever since I've been in Second Life, one of the perennial complaints about Linden Lab is, "they never listen."  People would make suggestions in the forums, in open letters, on blogs, and at in world Office Hours, and nothing ever seemed to come of any of them.

Yesterday, Linden Lab announced a new "Suggestions" page on the Second Life website.  You can read the official blog post here:

And here's the direct link to the new Suggestions page:

I won't say that LL will actually DO anything about any suggestions submitted.  But I have to say, it's another indication that the Lab is actually making an effort to improve communication with the Residents.  This is the FIRST TIME EVER that they've ever said officially, "we want you to send us your ideas."

I hope you all will put some thought behind the suggestions you leave there.  A lot of impractical suggestions like "free land for everyone!" could make them back off their new open approach.

By the way, the corporate attitude of "we are NOT listening" is very pervasive in business these days.  Many corporations are forbidden from considering any ideas submitted from outside, for fear of later legal complications.  If they come out with a new product, they don't want some jerk filing a lawsuit claiming "hey, you stole the idea I sent you a few months ago!"  So it's even more gratifying to see the Lab opening their doors...and, one hopes, their ideas from the Residents.

In other news, Masocado has its winter clothes on!  There are frosty trees, polar bears skating on the rooftop pool, snow falling all around, and a skating rink to enjoy.  If you visit, set your Windlight sky to either Midnight (for a nighttime look) or "Raymond's Bright&Hazy Day", and your water to [TOR] Ice-like.  Photos and machinima are permitted, but please give a location credit.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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