Thursday, January 22, 2015

Giving it Away

Here's a short tutorial for the newcomer!

I'm often asked how to transfer something to someone else.  It's fact, there are so MANY ways to do this that have been added from time to time over the years.

But first, a few provisos:  You can't sell or give away items that are No Transfer, and if you give away something that is No Copy, you will no longer have it.  No Copy items behave like a Real Life item, they can only be in one place, or in one person's possession, at a time.

Also, transferring items is called "sharing" in many places in the viewer.  This can be confusing, because you can't "share" a No Copy thing!

You can transfer anything...notecards, animations, clothing layers, body parts, landmarks, scripts, sounds, textures, and objects.  Everything except Links, which are just shortcuts to things.

Now, how to do it!
  • Drag the item from your inventory and drop it onto the recipient's avatar
  • You can drop it onto the name tag over their head, too
  • If there's a big crowd or your recipient is a moving target, or they are not there with you, you can drop it onto their Profile picture
  • Or you can open an IM window with them, and drop the item into the IM window
  • You can right click the item in your inventory and select Share from the context menu
  • Many viewers also have a Share button at the bottom of the inventory window
If you want to get complicated, you can rez the item in world, set it for sale (for $L0 or for an actual price) and then set it so that the original item is the thing sold, or have it provide a copy of itself to the person who buys it.  Then tell your friend or customer to right click and Buy the item to get it.

Back to transfers from inventory, can transfer up to, I think, 40 items at once by putting them into a folder and transferring the whole folder.  If you have more items than will transfer in a folder, you can put them into a "box"...a containing prim...take the prim into your inventory, and transfer that.

There's only one thing I don't understand...with so many ways to give things away, why does my inventory total keep going up?


  1. Your inventory keeps going up because you keep 'backup' copies.
    The most reliable way I use (to hand out metatronics translator) is to use the Share button at the bottom of inventory. Nothing else seems to work reliably.
    Can you please tell us more about putting things in boxes and getting them out (I need a refresher course at best.)

  2. Thanks for your comment! You're almost right...but I normally don't let extra copies of things accumulate. However, since I started using Outfits a lot, a great deal of my inventory growth is down to the proliferation of Links, which are what Outfits use to access inventory items. I'm sorry that only the Share button works well for you...all the other methods work reliably for me! I usually use the Firestorm viewer.