Tuesday, March 24, 2015

FLASH! Fine Hover Adjustments Return!

I've noted several times here that the "hover height" adjustment feature that used to be available in Firestorm and some other third party viewers became unworkable when Linden Lab introduced the new Server Side Appearance baking.

LL gave us a clunky workaround with the Hover adjustment in the Body sliders of the Appearance menu, but this had serious drawbacks.  It didn't work with No Modify shapes, and the adjustment increments were very coarse.

But now LL has incorporated a fine hover height adjustment into the latest Release Candidate viewer!  For more on this, with pictures even, see the post over on Inara Pey's blog or the official Linden Lab announcement at


  1. Ta for the referral! :)

    the main thing about the new AHH capability is that it provides on-the-fly avatar graphical height adjustment while in any pose - standing, sitting, kneeling, etc.. Whereas even when it could be used, the Edit Appearance hover adjustment only works when you are in the edit pose.

    Thus, the Edit Appearance hover has been useless when trying to adjust your avatar's height relative to, for example, an unscripted chair, so you end up looking like you're sitting "in" it or hovering "over" it, rather than sitting "on" it.

    AHH however, now lets you make such adjustments.

  2. One question if i may? Will the hover slider on the shape option is going to disappear?

    1. No, ZZ! We will have BOTH methods of adjusting hover height.

  3. :) already used LL official viewer as well as kokua and ukando, that updated their viewers to include latest LL changes, including Ahh.

  4. And it works really well:) I must add, as i sailed and adjusted my pose, it is a tremendous tool for those taking pictures:)