Tuesday, April 14, 2015

FLASH! New Translator

Those of you who use language translators in Second Life have probably noticed that most of them are broken, both the kind that are add-on HUDs and the built in translation in the viewer.  The services that these devices rely on, Google Translate or Microsoft Bing, have changed the way they are accessed.  This is what has broken Second Life language translation.

My Q-Translate still works, intermittently.  But it's frustrating that sometimes it will translate a line of text, while other times it will just ignore it.

There is a new free translator that is set up to work with Google Translate.  You can find it on the Marketplace here:

However, the very smart Nalates Urriah thinks that it may not STAY working very long.  For more information on why she thinks that, see her blog post here:

She also reports that the Alchemy viewer development team and other third party viewer developers are working on a fix to get a working translator back in the viewer.  I wish them speedy success...Second Life has residents from all over the world and it's a real handicap to not have any ability to translate languages.

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