Saturday, April 4, 2015

FLASH! Premium Memberships, Half Price!

Every now and then, Linden Lab runs a special on new Premium memberships.  Past sales have been for the quarterly plan, and you could get your first quarter's membership for $11.25 instead of the usual $22.50.

This month, LL is offering the MONTHLY Premium membership at half off.  You can sign up as a Premium member for just $4.98, instead of the usual $9.95.  The discount only applies to the first month, and you pay the regular rate after that.

This is a really great way to try out a Premium membership.  You get all the benefits, including a free Linden Home, a $L300 weekly stipend payment, access to better technical support and live chat support, and access to some Premium-only locations.  If you decide you like it and continue past the first month, you get a $L1000 bonus payment after 45 days.

And if you decide that you REALLY like being a Premium member, you can switch over to the annual plan.  That costs $72.00, and if you decide to downgrade back to Basic later, you don't get a refund of unused subscription time.  But if you figure it on a monthly basis, it's just $6.00 per month, the best deal going for Premium in Second Life.

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