Monday, April 27, 2015

Goodbye,, Correction: Galaxy to Be Under New Owners

As reported by Daniel Voyager and Inara Pey, the famous SS Galaxy cruise ship will be no more after this coming Sunday, May 3.

The Galaxy has been in Second Life for more than the eight years I've been here, and it is one of the most amazing builds in the virtual world.  It stretches across three whole regions, making it almost twice as long as the biggest Real Life cruise ships.  Its eight decks contain cabins that could be rented (you could live there!), stores, swimming pools and water slides, several dance venues, including a large domed ballroom, and many other features and amenities.

The Galaxy featured many events, including a lot of weddings.  So many, in fact, that it has its own blog!

When you step aboard and begin to explore, the Galaxy gives you the look and feel of a Real Life cruise ship.  Her appointments are incredibly realistic, especially considering the limitations of the Second Life building tools at the time of her construction.

Although the ship itself is stationary, the Galaxy provided the experience of "going to" different ports through its "Ports of Call" program, in which teleporters at the dock would whisk you off to the location that the Galaxy was "visiting" at the time.

Several years ago, the Galaxy nearly went away when its owners decided they could no longer afford the tier payments, but it was rescued from that fate and went on gracing the waters south of the Blake Sea for another five years.  This time, the problem does not seem to be financial, but other events and changes in the lives of her management.

If you have never visited the Galaxy, be sure to do so this week.  It's your last chance to see a marvelous example of just what Second Life can truly be.

Fair winds and following seas to you, Lady!

SS Galaxy Aft Embarkation Port

HAPPY CORRECTION:  See the comment below.  The Galaxy will be staying, but under direct Linden Lab ownership.


  1. Well it looks like it will return, hopeful to the same spot.

    1. That is very good news, ZZ! Although I can't say it is "great" news, because the new owners are Linden Lab. With their track record, the grand old ship might just sink at her moorings.