Thursday, May 14, 2015

Be a Part of the Biggest Party on the Grid - SL12B

Just a quick note!  If you have an idea for an exhibit, or a presentation or a discussion forum or an entertainment...or even if you just want to volunteer...applications are now open for SL12B, the celebration of Second Life's 12th Birthday!

It happens next month, June 21-28.  This year's theme is "What Dreams May Come," which seems to me to be both eminently suitable to Second Life and an invitation for the most surreal Birthday ever (and that's going some, they are ALL surreal and an invitation to sensory overload.)

Cruise on over to the website to read more.  Bookmark it to keep up with news and announcements.  And start making your plans now to be a part of it!  It's a week long, nonstop party, the biggest annual event in virtual reality.

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