Saturday, May 9, 2015

FLASH! Inworld Meetup With the Lindens

Hello again, faithful readers!  It's been a while.

Today I noticed a blog post on the SL website.  Xiola Linden announced the date of the next in-world Meetup session (May 14), and threw the location of the meeting out for Resident inputs.  You can suggest a spot to hold the event.

To let your voice be heard, cruise over to this Forum thread:


  1. It sounds like great fun! I've never seen a Linden in world; I imagine I'd be so nervous and shy! ^_^ Thanks for posting about this; the comment thread has been fascinating so far with all the suggestions. Already it's given me many ideas for interesting new places to visit.

  2. The big advantage of being premium, i already managed to have one to check a issue i had:)