Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hair Fair Is Here!

It's time again for the annual Hair Fair in Second Life.  Here's the official website, right up front:

I have very mixed feelings whenever I go to one of these huge annual fashion extravaganzas.  On the one hand, the shopper in me squeals with glee and jumps up and down.  On the other hand, the Old Second Life Resident sighs in anticipation of another huge lagfest.  And on the third hand...

Tell me, what IS it about Mesh?  Why must EVERYTHING nowadays be made out of Mesh?  I absolutely HATE most mesh hair, and especially any long styles.  They look laquered in place with five cans of hairspray.  And nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to find any hair designers that are still making flexi hair.  Sure, flex hair penetrates your shoulders sometimes.  Or your forehead, or your eye.  But it moves much more realistically than Mesh hair.

If you want to avoid the lag, there's a great Shop At Home alternative.  You can join the Hair Fair Demo group (it's free!) and then check the group notices to collect demos from ALL the exhibitors.  Just paste this link in local chat, then click the group link that appears, and join the group.  Then look in the Notices tab.  secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about

One good thing about Hair Fair:  You have the opportunity to see offerings from many more creators than the "usual suspects" that you, like me, probably have in your landmarks folder.  Some of these have some very lovely creations on offer.  Others...well, I will never understand what SOME women are willing to do to their hair to, unique.

Another REALLY good thing about Hair Fair:  A percentage of every sale goes to support Wigs For Kids, a very worthy charity.

This year, Hair Fair occupies four regions, dubbed Blonde, Red, Noirette, and Brunette (not the actual region names.)  The regions have huge signs all over them, so you can tell when you are camming into another region and need to move over to grab gifts and demos.  The building theme is shopping bags...the individual stores all look like gigantic shopping bags, I kid you not.

When you go, go low-lag.  Take off high prim clothes and jewelry.  Wear a hairbase tattoo and a hat or a bandanna.  Wear simple shoes.  Take off scripted HUDs.  The sims are often full and you may have to bump around outside for a while before someone leaves and you can get in.

If you forgot the landmark, just search Places for "Hair Fair."  All the regions, plus low-occupancy "arrival" regions will be listed.  Click any of them and teleport to the Fair!

Here are a few more pictures of my visit.  I have not specifically included any pictures of any of the hair styles on offer.  For one thing, there are far too many.  For another, my taste may not be the same as yours.  Try the demos, or make a visit, and set your own style!  Hair Fair 10 runs from now until July 26.

Four Sims of Hirsute Extravagance

The Giant Shopping Bags
Young Matron Shopping With the Kids


  1. Why mesh? Cause it rezzes faster then any flexi hair.
    if you are crossing sims and want to be seen by someone as soon as possible, mesh is the way to go. I know by practice that any mesh renders faster then the same sculpted equivalent and that flexi hairs take a much more long time to be seen properly after a sim cross.
    Been taking lots of pics of sailing cruises and not only, my personal experience says sculpted hair is the worse to wear cause it is also the part that will take more time to rezz properly.
    Besides avatar draw eight impact of flexy hair is insane, for a reason avatar wearing prims and sculpted parts have a much more higher impact then new mesh ones, with mesh bodies, feet, hands, hair clothes and even heads.

  2. Pffft! What is this "draw weight" you speak of? I am obligated to look stunning for my millions of fans! Besides, Mesh has its own render issues. I have had numerous cases where a Mesh object will not render for me AT ALL unless I re-log.


  4. Crtl+alt+r = do it every time the objects are not rendering, after all has loaded, nowadays all takes a bit of time to load the 1st time one arrives to a new region, so between the process, the derender, render, shortcut will not have any effect.

    1. Actually, no, not in this case. The command is CTRL+SHIFT+R...and it often fixes the problem I have with invisible objects, but not always!

  5. I agree with you Linda... The pros that ZZ says, I have never experienced myself because the mesh parts are often the latest that rezzes (I have a mesh body but always flex hair). When I go to a new sim with friends, they tell me that my hair and eyes DO rez.. but the mesh rezzes a lot later. I experienced the same thing myself over and over again with others. So I call it BS that mesh rezzes faster. Then the only thing left is that it looks worse and there is not a single good reason to think why on earth you want to buy mesh unless the last flexi wig is banned by idiot designers.

  6. I will admit, I've never seen the new mesh. It came onto the scene after I had to stop living my Second Life due to software issues. But, ah! I can't imagine a grid without flexi hair! Although I've seen some lovely styles made exclusively of torii...

    And pfft to you, my friend! ;-> One of the great loves of my Second Life were the physics-defying hairstyles in colors not found in nature. Oh, I had more conservative 'dos, too, but the wild things were always my favorites.

    Nic Writer