Friday, August 28, 2015

FLASH! Premium Membership for Less!

Another bit of good news from Linden Lab!

They've just reduced the cost of a monthly Premium membership from $9.95/mo. to $9.50/mo.  This is not a limited time or one-time promotion, like their occasional "half off the first month" or "half off the first quarter" deals.  This is an actual 5% cut to your Premium payment each and every month.

In addition, LL is no longer charging VAT tax on Premium memberships.  If your country imposes VAT, this can be quite a sizable savings.

And lastly, they are now giving Premium members access to Concierge level live chat tech support.  This was formerly only available to members who paid more than $100 USD per month in land fees.  I can report from experience that Live Chat is very helpful and responsive, much more satisfactory than filing a written Support Case.

Here is the Official Word:

Saturday, August 15, 2015

FLASH! Remembering Lumiere Noir

Hello everyone!  I haven't written in this blog in...well, far too long.  And my subject today is not a happy one.  One of the Greats of Second Life has left us.

I never knew Lumiere Noir personally.  But I have often used his Ivory Tower Library of Primitives to find out how to do something with the Second Life building tools.  And I have sent, probably, hundreds of people who wanted to learn how to build with primitives to the Tower.

Now, Lumiere has left us.  For anyone who's ever been to the Tower, or even spent time tossing prims around, that's a great loss.

Tomorrow, Sunday August 16, there will be a Remembrance and Celebration for Lumiere at the Tower, beginning at 1300 SL time.  Here's the notice:

God bless, Lumiere.