Friday, August 28, 2015

FLASH! Premium Membership for Less!

Another bit of good news from Linden Lab!

They've just reduced the cost of a monthly Premium membership from $9.95/mo. to $9.50/mo.  This is not a limited time or one-time promotion, like their occasional "half off the first month" or "half off the first quarter" deals.  This is an actual 5% cut to your Premium payment each and every month.

In addition, LL is no longer charging VAT tax on Premium memberships.  If your country imposes VAT, this can be quite a sizable savings.

And lastly, they are now giving Premium members access to Concierge level live chat tech support.  This was formerly only available to members who paid more than $100 USD per month in land fees.  I can report from experience that Live Chat is very helpful and responsive, much more satisfactory than filing a written Support Case.

Here is the Official Word:

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