Thursday, September 17, 2015

Avatar Safety Goes Off-Campus

One of the classes that I teach at Caledon Oxbridge University is "Avatar Safety."  In this 90-minute class, I cover a lot of the things that I've talked about here in this blog...griefers, practical jokes, scammers, con artists, phishing, and the emotional pitfalls of virtual life.  It's offered every Saturday at 1200...noon, SL Time (Pacific Time).

Recently I was approached by my friend Morgan Mickalobe, who runs the completely self-funded Care and Hope Center to provide women with information and support about domestic violence and violence against women.  She asked me if I would be willing to do a version of my Avatar Safety class at the Center.  Well, of course I said Yes!  While the forms of abuse that we're subject to in SL are much less harmful (physically at least, if not emotionally) than those of Real Life, it's possible to be a virtual victim...and learning how NOT to be one in SL just might spill over a bit into RL too.

Not a week later, another friend, Treacle Darlandes, who runs the enormously helpful New Resident Island and the White Tiger Mentors support group called me up...she'd been talking to iSkye Silverweb, one of the linchpins of Virtual Ability, who felt that they had a need for my class too!  Virtual Ability is a long-standing support organization that helps people with physical or mental disabilities in Second Life.

In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought.  So I agreed to do two offerings of Avatar Safety at Virtual Ability too.

Please bear in mind that these classes are open to anyone.  You don't have to be an abuse victim or have a disability to attend!  If you heard about the Oxbridge class, but the day or time of the offering didn't mesh with your schedule, here's your chance to catch up on what you missed.

Here are all the dates and places!

Caledon Oxbridge University:                     Every Saturday, 1200 SLT
Care and Hope Center                              Saturday, September 26, 1700 SLT
Virtual Ability, Yellow Hibiscus Cabana    Friday, October 2, 1200 SLT
Virtual Ability, Yellow Hibiscus Cabana    Saturday, October 3, 1700 SLT

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  1. Kat you continue to amaze me - the things I learn, and learn about - from you. For the umpteen-milliionth time - Thank You!!