Tuesday, November 17, 2015

FLASH! Major Savings, and a Minor Update

Just a quick note today...well, two.

First, LL has dropped the setup price for new private regions by 40% across the board.  The $1,000 USD startup fee has been a huge barrier for people wanting their own region.  Now that cost has dropped to just $600 USD.  There have been other changes, too...for example, if you bought another resident's grandfathered region, the region reverted to the current $295 per month land fee, instead of the grandfathered rate of $195 USD.  Now you can purchase the region and get the grandfathered rate, provided you pay the $600 fee up front. 

Second, the popular Firestorm viewer has a new release, 4.7.5.  It's mostly bug fixes and a few new features, but it should increase stability for most people and may even provide a small performance boost.

There may be terrorists running wild, but at least here you found some Good News today!

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