Sunday, January 24, 2016


No, not a sort of ethnic bread.  Today I'm talking about Pains In The Ass...PITAs.  You know, those many things that annoy or vex you.

We had a blizzard this weekend in Real Life.  This can be sort of fun, as long as you are inside and warm, and you don't have a power failure (we did, but fortunately the power wasn't out for too long.)  But the aftermath is a huge PITA.  As we were slowly and painfully clearing our long driveway of about a foot and a half of snow, I started thinking about PITAs...both in Real Life and in Second Life.

Although LL did their best to make Second Life a pleasant and exciting and fun experience, they're only human.  So SL, like RL, has its downsides.  I made a table for comparison!
Life:  If You Aren't Ticked Off, You're Probably Dead
Click the table for a more readable size
In making this table, I was struck by several things.  First, there really do seem to be fewer PITAs in the virtual world.  Good job, Linden Lab!  This ability to engineer out some of the annoyances of everyday life is one of the things that draws people to virtual worlds.

Second, I noticed that many of the PITAs that do carry over into SL do so through the biggest common factor:  yourself.  Some things that affect you in RL are, unavoidably, going to affect your enjoyment of SL, even if they don't affect your avatar per se.

If the biggest common factor linking reality and virtuality is ourselves, then the other common factor is just that...ourselves, plural.  People are people, whether in RL or SL, and so we find idiots, thieves and predators in both places.  As well as friendly, helpful, and kind people too, of course.

There are only a few PITAs that are unique to the virtual world, and they pretty much all have to do with the technology.  Server crashes, software bugs, internet issues, and things of that nature.  I'd say that these would get better as the technology improves, but that hasn't been my experience.  As the technology gets better, people keep pushing it to new we will probably always have these sorts of annoyances.

What are YOUR Pains In The Ass?  And are they worse in RL, or in SL?

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