Friday, April 1, 2016

Free Hugs!

Hi everyone!

One of the gadgets that I wear ALL the time is my hugger.  A hugger is a HUD that lets you offer to hug, kiss, or do other couples animations with another avatar.  It's one of the best ways I know of to express affection and pleasure in the virtual world.

Many years ago, Meike Heston created what I consider to be the best hugger in Second Life.  It has eleven different animations built in, which can all be performed for a set interval or indefinitely.  It can be set to Male or Female users.  Its positioning is quite accurate, if you start facing your intended partner, and if you wind up misaligned, it's fairly easy to re-position yourselves to hug correctly with the usual movement keys.  The controls are simple and compact, and it can be minimized to take up very little screen space.  The HUD was fairly expensive, as you'd expect for such a well-made device.

Unfortunately, Meike left Second Life and her small shop is long closed.  But before she left, she gave us all a wonderful present...she made her hugger full permissions, and now it's a freebie!  I've put the hugger into a vendor and you can pick one up for free in the lobby of the Masocado Resort.

EDIT:  I just realized that I posted this on April 1.  If any of you were thinking, "oh, an April Fool's joke," no, it isn't.  There really IS a free hugger in the Resort lobby, and it doesn't make your avatar turn into a chicken or anything.  Honest!

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  1. I have the same hugger too. It's the best around. Thanks for a great post.