Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Calling Out Two Intellectual Property Thieves

I haven't ever done this before, but today I'm going to publicly clobber someone.  Two someones.

While searching the Marketplace for couples animation HUDs for a friend, I came across this listing:  being sold by Epic Trapdoor.

This device is a straight ripoff of the Meike Hug&Kiss Deluxe 2.0, originally created and sold by Meike Heston.  Meike has left Second Life, but she changed the permissions on her HUD to allow it to be freely distributable.

That was a marvelous present to the Second Life community, and I reported it in an earlier blog post.

Epic Trapdoor has taken advantage of Meike's generosity, and is re-selling this freebie for his/her own profit.  For shame!

Further searching turned up another probable ripoff of the Meike HUD, this one at an even more exorbitant price.  It's being sold by Link Zero.  The description and the pictured animations lead me to believe it's the Meike, although this listing does not show a picture of the HUD itself.

Anyone who wants this HUD can get it for free.  There's a vendor in the lobby of the Masocado Resort, and another vendor in the College of Avatar Motion at Caledon Oxbridge University.

EDIT:  I have placed the free, full permissions version of the HUD on the Marketplace!  Get it here:


  1. There are so many places in SL and RL where people take free or cheap things and sell them for a wad of cash. Generally it isn't illegal.

    The free market has little protection for those that lazily remain uninformed. For those that are annoyed by such opportunists charging for free stuff the challenge getting our information to the lazy buyer that doesn't research purchases.

    Thanks for trying.

  2. You are is not, strictly speaking, illegal to re-sell a full permission item. But this one really got to me, because 1) it's a good product, and 2) Meike wanted it to be free for anyone when she left SL.

  3. Sadly there are 2 many doing that, one just put a boat we made for free, copy/transfer in world, on marketplace.
    It was removed, but i know that LL is not worried, cause for each sale on MP they got a share and none if one gets a free boat in world:(