Sunday, September 18, 2016

FLASH! Latest Viewer Includes an Outfit Browser

Ever since Linden Lab added the ability to make and save Outfits...and then to change looks with a single mouse click...our inventories of Outfits have been growing like mad.  I have hundreds of Outfits in mine!  The only problem is, it's hard to remember just what a particular Outfit looks like.  I try to give them descriptive names, but even so, I find myself putting on one Outfit after another, just to find the perfect one.

Well, the software team at Linden Lab has come to our rescue!  The newest viewer has an Outfit Browser in it!  This looks a bit like the starter avatar browser, the one you get by clicking the Avatars toolbar button.

Read all about it here:

And, for more about Outfits, see my blog post here: