Tuesday, January 17, 2017

All Hail the Resident Geek

Some of you who follow my blog and Second Life forum posts may have heard me mention the "Resident Geek."

He's my husband, my love, and my IT Department.

Recently, the Resident Geek has been messing about with our home network, trying to set up a video server so that we can watch media on any computer or device in the house, or even when away from home.

As a result of this, he's become very grumpy.  It seems that my main computer, the one I use to access the internet and Second Life, isn't doing what it should.  He diagnosed one problem, a bad cable between my computer and the FIOS internet router in the hall closet, and fixed that.  But it seems that even though my computer says it's connected correctly to the network, and I can use the internet just fine, videos from our home theater PC won't play on my machine.

I explained that I don't really need that.  I use this machine to get into Second Life, to type entries for this blog, and to read my email and do photo and video editing.  I don't need to watch TV at my desk.

He just grumped at me and said, "But it's SUPPOSED to be able to do that!"

He's obsessive about things like that.  The other day, he showed me a picture that he'd made of our home network.  I had no idea we had all that Stuff, and that it was all connected!  When I said that, he smirked and said, "And that doesn't even show all the Smart switches and appliances!"

I am worried that he's going to kick me out of my office and start rummaging around inside my computer (again!)  But if he does, I can console myself with the thought that when he's done, my machine will be faster and better than ever.  He takes a while to get there, but the man can produce miracles.  At least until the next power outage.

Or maybe a power outage would be a GOOD might keep my refrigerator from telling me I need to go buy it some eggs.

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