Saturday, May 20, 2017

Two Bits of Bad News

Normally I like to be upbeat in these pages, but today I have to report a couple of pieces of annoying news.

First, there's a poorly implemented feature in your Inventory that could cause you to permanently lose thousands of items if you aren't careful.

There is a helpful notice that now will pop up if there's a large number of items in your Trash folder, saying "your Trash is overflowing".  It's not, really...there is no set limit for how many things you can put in there.  But this helpful reminder to empty your Trash can combine with a bug or with user error (we're not sure yet if it's just one or the other, or both).  In any case, folders that you had no intention of putting in Trash can wind up there.  There can even be subfolders inside them, and the total number of items can be very large.

If you get this notice, and empty your Trash without taking a VERY careful look at its contents, you could easily lose major amounts of your inventory!

For more on this, see this Forum thread:

Second, Linden Lab posted a notice that they re-set everybody's Place Pages to the default values by mistake.  If you have Place Pages, re-visit them and reload your settings and photos!  For LL's official "I'm sorry" post, see:

Don't know what a Place Page is?  Check out: