Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Creepy People

Yesterday, I put on my Fourth of July festive outfit and was setting up fireworks displays at the Masocado Resort.  All was going well, until I got a message out of the blue.  Here's the log, with the name changed (although he doesn't deserve it) to protect his privacy.

[2017/07/03 11:23]  Creepy Resident: spanish english?
[2017/07/03 11:23]  Lindal Kidd: I speak English
[2017/07/03 11:23]  Creepy Resident: nice dress
[2017/07/03 11:24]  Lindal Kidd: thank you...but I don't see you?
[2017/07/03 11:24]  Creepy Resident: From?
[2017/07/03 11:25]  Lindal Kidd: this is creepy.  How can you see my dress?  I don't see you in my nearby list
[2017/07/03 11:28]  Creepy Resident: This is a dum game, yes but I am very far from you Nautilus MARINA
[2017/07/03 11:29]  Creepy Resident: You are a beautiful Laidy
[2017/07/03 11:30]  Second Life: Creepy Resident is offering friendship.  
 Would you be my friend?  (By default, you will be able to see each other's online status.)
[2017/07/03 11:31]  Second Life: Friendship offer declined.

The strange thing about this was that, even though my radar will show people up to several regions away, Mr. Creepy was not on the list.  When I tried to use the clue he provided and looked around the various Nautilus City regions, I couldn't find him there, either.  Yet he obviously had his camera on me.  I never did figure out where he was perving me from.

Perhaps even worse, Mr. Creepy's profile showed him to have been in SL for over five years.  You would think that after that much time, he would have developed at least a little understanding of the social mores of our virtual world.  Yet his conversation...the immediate request for Real Life personal information, the focus on my appearance, and the unsolicited Friends offer...were those of your typical newbie horndog.

After declining his offer of friendship, I blocked him and then banned him from Masocado's parcels.

Then I logged off and washed my hands.

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