Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Those Bouncing Boobies

Last night, my new friend Hikari asked “How do you make your boobs jiggle?”  I explained about avatar physics.

Oh, have I lost you already?  Avatar physics have been around for quite a long time in Second Life, even longer than Mesh.  Avatar physics is a way to make your breasts, belly, and butt jiggle when you move.  The settings are controlled by a special Physics layer.  It’s worn just like any other clothing layer (although it’s invisible).  When you edit it, a set of sliders appears to let you adjust the amount of bounce.  Strawberry Singh has a very complete tutorial about it.

But then my friend asked, “Does that make my Mesh clothes jiggle too?” and I had to pause for a moment.  I knew that SOME mesh items (for example, my Maitreya Lara mesh body) were affected by physics.  But I also knew that a lot of my Mesh clothing didn’t jiggle at all.  In fact, with some close-fitting tops, I had to turn off physics or adjust my alpha mask settings, or my boobs would peep through with every step or bounce.

So I did a little research.  It turns out that Mesh clothing CAN be rigged in such a way that it responds to avatar physics…like the Maitreya body, it will jiggle when you do.  But a lot of Mesh clothing makers don’t take the time to add this rigging to their products.  Moreover, most creators don’t specify in their advertising whether their outfits offer this feature.

What’s the answer?  The only thing I can suggest is that you carefully try out the demo for any Mesh clothing, and if it’s not rigged for physics, decide whether you still want it enough to buy it.  

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