Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The WayBack Machine

Today's post is about a couple of pieces of Second Life history!

The first is what is reputed to be the Oldest Object in Second Life.  "The Man" is a statue constructed of basic prims.  It was created during the initial alpha testing of Second Life (then known as "Linden World") in 2002 by oldjohn Linden.  It survived the destruction of the build that surrounded it, an experimental prototype of a city.

Although it has moved from place to place, it's always been located in the Natoma region, itself one of the oldest Mainland areas of SL.  It currently stands on a grassy hill overlooking the rest of the sim, Philip's Hill.  The name of the hill, of course, refers to SL's creator, Philip Rosedale (Philip Linden in SL.)

The second item for today is also in Natoma, and can be seen from Philip's Hill.  The Ivory Tower Library of Primitives is perhaps the oldest educational/tutorial venue in SL.  Originally created by Lumiere Noir in 2004, the Ivory Tower reminds one of one of those interactive science museums.  As you wander its halls, you encounter a series of self-paced tutorials that teach you all about Second Life's built-in object creation features. 

In 2014, the original build was replaced by a very lovely round tower with oval or arched glass windows and a unique glass dome roof, designed and executed by Avi Arrow.  In keeping with its purpose and history, the new Ivory Tower is constructed entirely of mesh.

The Natoma region contains several other early Second Life builds.  Go there on pilgrimage, young avatar, and marvel at how far we have come!

"The Man" Statue

The Ivory Tower Library of Primitives