Monday, December 25, 2017

A Christmas Surprise

Merry Christmas, gentle readers!

If you read these pathetic little offerings of mine about Second Life you may also be a fan, as I am, of the incredibly talented and prolific SL blogger Strawberry Singh.  She offers a continual stream of informative reviews and videos of Second Life products, especially mesh heads and bodies.

A short time ago, Linden Lab informed her that she was in violation of their trademark policy and demanded the removal of some material showing part of the Second Life sign-up process.

She, and a lot of fans of both her blog and Second Life, thought that this was an extremely heavy-handed application of LL's policy.

Well, as we all know, Linden Lab seldom communicates...and when they do, they usually manage to further confuse the issue.  But this time, the Lab surprised all of us with a little Christmas present...they admitted they were wrong, and publicly apologized!

Here's a link to their post:

And here's a link to Strawberry's blog.  If you aren't a reader already, you should be!

Kudos to the folks at Linden Lab for handling this in absolutely the right way.

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