Saturday, March 17, 2018

Virtual Land Just Got Cheaper

Hello, gentle readers!

A few posts back, I mentioned that Linden Lab has been gradually increasing the attractiveness of a Premium membership by adding more benefits.

This week, they went farther.  For all the time I've been in Second Life, the price of Mainland has not changed, and people have always complained about how it's too expensive.  LL has finally responded, in two important ways.

First, they've dropped the monthly tier fees by about 10%.  Here's the new table:

So now, Mainland is less expensive.  When you combine that with the increased ability of land to support objects, it's now a LOT more affordable to have nice things in SL.  This should make creators, and those who just like to have a nice place to live in Second Life, very happy!

But that's not all.  LL also increased the amount of Mainland that you can own BEFORE you have to pay any tier.  Up until now, you could own 512 square meters, and not pay any monthly fee for it (aside from Premium dues, of course).  That figure has now doubled; you can own up to 1,024 square meters, tier-free!  That will give you a prim limit of 350.

The size of the parcels that the free Linden Homes are on appears to be unchanged.  At least for now, those homes will still be on 512 sq. m. parcels, with a prim limit of 175.

The new limits also mean that if you want a Horizons Home, you won't have to pay tier on it.

The only downside to this that I can see is for us landlords.  While we will pay about 10% less for our land (yay!) we will also be faced with an increased number of residents who are happy with a 1024 sq. m. parcel and 350 prims.  This may lead to a decrease in demand for rental property.

See the official announcement here:

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