Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Free Games!

As most of you know by now, I rent out condos and homes in Second Life.  My philosophy is, I provide the home and prim allowance, and the tenant provides the furnishings and makes his or her or their own fun.

My friend and neighbor, Geetaraa, takes a different approach.  She's always re-doing her build, and always with a view toward giving visitors to her land a fun time.  I've written about her before in this blog, when I told you about her amusement park

That's now been replaced.  Gee has a sky platform with over twenty games...board games, arcade games, games of skill, games of chance.  She's got pool, and bowling, and dozens of other amusements.  All of them are free to play!

It's people like Gee who make SL what it is...people who want to share the wonder
and the sheer fun of our virtual world with others, with no thought of "what's in it for me?"

So grab a couple of friends and go for an evening of games!

Gee's Free Games


  1. Gee is fantastic and I've been going to her place for years now and have a wonderful time every time I go there!

  2. Amazing place and nice build

  3. Gee Does her thing with her builds and is a lot of fun to boot. I enjoyed my time hanging with her at the build and watching her fireworks!

  4. I've known Gee for about 7 or 8 years now and she's always had great venues from a copter Island to amusements and she's always changing with people's enjoyment in mind i enjoy her new ventures

  5. Gee Game Area is a very nice place to visit and to have fun.
    A lovely place of a lovely girl

  6. Gee has a totally wonderful place full of games and fun things to click

  7. GEE has created a great place so if your sailing or flying your sea plane or helicopter drop in for a fun time.

  8. Great place with a lot of interesting games. Good place to visit, and Gee is very nice.