Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Marketplace Update

Hi, faithful readers!  It's been a while.  Today's post is very short...I just want to pass on a small improvement that Linden Lab has made to the Marketplace: Wish Lists.

There have always been two ways to set aside items that you like, but aren't ready to buy just yet; you can just stick them in your Shopping Cart, but not buy them.  Or, you can add them to your Favorites list.  Now, there is a new option under Favorites...a Wishlist.

How is that different from Favorites?  Your Wishlist can be seen by others, and you can share it on social media.  You can see other people's Wishlists too.  So now you can use this to let your friends know what you want for Christmas!

There's a new option in Favorites, too.  In addition to simply adding specific products you like, you can also add a creator's Store to your Favorites.  Opening up a Favorite Store will show a feed of their most recent new items.  This should make it easy to keep track of the latest and greatest creations.

One small caveat:  You can't add free items to your Wishlist.  This makes sense to me...if something is free, and you want it, why would you put off buying it until later?

Here's a link to LL's blog post about the update: