Sunday, February 24, 2019

FLASH! Four Days Left on this Incredible Deal

Hello again!  If there are any readers still out there after this long hiatus, I'd like to alert you to a really great deal on a Bento mesh head and body!

"Romeo" and "Juliet" are available for $L1 each, plus a group join fee of $L50 at Altamura...but only for four more days.  This Valentines' Special ends on Feb 27.

Here's a post from another blogger, Ryan Schultz, with more details:

Or, if you just want to hop in the car and rush down there, here's Altamura's location:

See?  I'm NOT dead.  And still shopping!

EDIT (Feb 25):  Well, darn it.  Altamura removed the gifts.  It's certainly their right to do so, but I'm disappointed.  I wanted to get one for my long-suffering alt.

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