Tuesday, April 16, 2019

FLASH! New Linden Homes Go Live!

Big news for Second Life today.

Last year, LL increased the amount of Mainland a Premium member could own without being charged a monthly tier fee from 512 square meters to 1024.  That was great, but it still meant that residents had to pay the initial purchase price of the land.

Of course, many Premium residents already owned a free Linden Home.  But these were on 512 square meter parcels, and only had a land impact allowance of 175.

Over the past few months, LL constructed a whole new continent of about 350 regions, with lots of inlets and waterways.  Last month, they moved this new continent to lie between Jeogeot and Sansara.  See the map image below:

 This continent is probably not complete yet...a lot of the land in the south of it is simply described as "Protected".  Here's a little closer look:

There's obviously a huge amount of interest, judging from all the green avatar dots in the northern part of the new land...and that's undoubtedly due to today's blog post from Linden Lab, announcing the availability of two new Linden Home styles...a Traditional home, and a houseboat type home. The houseboats are in marina areas, which you can see in the upper left and right corners of the above picture.

Both from LL's blog post, and the un-terraformed straight edges visible in the new continent's coastline, they plan to continue to enlarge the new Linden Homes areas.

We've speculated a long time about how LL would offer this new benefit...perhaps it would be only offered to a new, higher cost, type of Premium membership.  But LL is offering the new homes to existing Premium members at no charge!  (And to new Premium members, too, of course.)

So now you can get an updated Linden Home, on up to a 1024 square meter parcel, and a land impact allowance of 351...for free, and with no monthly tier!  And just maybe, that continent will be extended in a way that will allow explorers to directly travel much further along the Mainland waterways between continents.

See LL's official announcement here: Fresh New Linden Homes...

If you currently have a Linden Home and want to move to one of the new ones, let's review the procedure.
  • Go to your current Linden Home.
  • Delete or Take all your objects to inventory 
  • Click World > Parcel Details, and then click the Abandon button
  • Sign up for one of the new homes using the same procedure you did for your old one
EDIT (April 19, 2019).  It took less than two days for all the new Linden Homes to be snapped up!  LL will be making more, but they haven't announced any schedule for when the next batch will be available.  Please keep a close eye on the official SL blog!