Friday, June 21, 2019

FINAL TWO DAYS to get Premium at the Old Prices!

Hey there...

You probably heard that Linden Lab is increasing the price of a Premium membership in Second Life.  That's not the greatest news of all time, but it IS the first price maybe we can't scream TOO loudly!

Here's the official post:

But here is the Very Important News.  If you are currently a Premium member, you can pre-pay for up to another year (the clock on this will start on your current renewal date).  By doing this, you lock in the old Premium price of $72.00 per year, for that extra year.

If you are not a Premium member yet, you can still sign up at the old rates. 

But there is a catch.  You have to do this (pre-pay, for existing members, or sign up for a new Premium account) BEFORE JUNE 24, which is when the new, higher rates go into effect.

That means you have just two days to lock in the old rates. 

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